Make a lasting impression with our slim 1.75x3.5" business cards, meticulously crafted to showcase your professionalism and leave a memorable mark on potential clients and partners. All of our business cards include full-color on both sides.


Our #1 seller is so luxurious it’s a brilliant addition to any conversation.

The water-resistant satin paper is soft and silky, it slips easily out of a

pocket and into someone’s hand.

▪ Full-color printing on both sides included

▪ Ink stays put even under constant use

▪ 18.5 pt Thickness


Breathtaking photographic images on our thick, matte paper.

A sharp and vibrant output makes this a great choice for photo cards, look books or postcards.

▪ Silky finish for vivid photos

▪ Great value for portfolio packs

▪ 16 pt Thickness


This uncoated, recycled paper makes this choice a win for the planet.

It’s also part of our commitment to sustainability.

▪ 100% recycled

▪ Full-color on both sides included

▪ 16 pt Thickness



Our uncoated brown Kraft paper card stock is 50% recycled. It’s sturdy and hard-wearing. Use it for company business cards or hang tags for a natural, environmentally positive look.

▪ Big, bold black ink designs work best

▪ Mohawk Loop Straw Smooth Cover

▪ 16 pt Thickness


This super thick calling card leaves a weighty impression. We advise passing it out carefully! Two uncoated sheets are bonded together for one hefty card.

▪ Classy, clean and heavy

▪ Full-color on both sides included

▪ 35 pt thickness

1.75x3.5 Slim Business Cards